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What will a wedding planner do for me?
In addition to helping you make your wedding day stress-free, a wedding planner can help you stay within your budget,  save you from costly mistakes and save you time.

Kuva: Eveliina Mustonen
Why can`t  I do the planning myself?
You can certainly do the planning yourself but it can also be a hassle, not to mention stressful  (researching vendors, where to get the best deals, making sure all the details are in place etc.).  Even if you decide to work on your own, working with a wedding planner and having one on the day of your wedding,  will take a load of your shoulders and will help make it all come together smoothly while you can relax and  enjoy your wedding day.


Do I need a wedding planner?
Wedding planning is a much bigger task than people might expect. A wedding planner is an asset to you while planning your wedding. While your wedding planner worries about the details, you can enjoy your time with your fiance’, family and friends on your special day.

Can I hire a wedding planner to take care only some parts of my wedding? 
Of course. Wedding planner can organize your wedding from start to finish or just parts of your wedding where you might need a  helping hand. 

How early should I start to plan my wedding? 
The ideal situation would be 1,5 to 1 year before the actual wedding day. It might sound a long time, but actually it`s not. Lot´s of venues and churches are booked well ahead (specially at summer time). The earlier you start the more options you have.Also by starting early you will have more time to focus on all the little details and create the wedding of your dreams. 

Can I have a friend or a relative plan/coordinate my wedding?
While it is a good way to involve friends and relatives in your wedding, they should be able to enjoy your wedding day with you as a guest. There are many details and aspects behind the scenes of a wedding that should be left for an experienced planner to handle.

How much does it cost to hire a wedding planner?
The price depends on the hours spend on your wedding.The quality of the work is the same whether it`s a small intimate wedding for 12 people or out-of-the-box event for 250 guests.No two events are the same – and the guidance you receive will be tailored to you. My fee is 50 € per hour. First meeting is free of charge (max 1 hour) if it leads to an agreement. If not, I will charge 50 € per hour for consulting.